Client Case Study

Pyramid Construction Ltd. specializes in heavy construction, general contracting, and land development. Their goal is to continue to be a leader in the construction industry within Newfoundland, while ensuring both their employees and customers are satisfied. With the aim of better integrating the business, reducing reliance on manual processes, as well as improving their ability to make quicker and more informed decisions, Pyramid realized their current system could not meet these needs and decided to make a change. Pyramid leveraged Jonas handle their operations more efficiently, and provide greater insight and visibility into their business.



  • Enhance Productivity

    With the construction daily log from Jonas, all aspects of each job can be tracked and analyzed. This gives a more detailed, accurate account of what occurred on the job site, which can be used to improve the productivity of each project overall.
  • Integrated with Jonas

    All of the information entered into your daily job log, such as what work was completed or how many hours a subcontractor worked, will automatically sync with the Jonas system and archive for future reference.
  • Automatic Tracking

    Automatically keep track of supervisors, weather conditions, materials, subcontractor information, work performed, safety issues, and contacts. All information will be stored with Jonas, which can be viewed and accessed from anywhere, at any time.
  • Customizable

    Adjust the daily job log to meet your needs and display only the information that is pertinent to your job role. This information can quickly be exported to a spreadsheet, and can be emailed or printed as well.
  • Track Meeting Minutes

    Track all of the notes and information from each meeting and attach and view related documents. Enter attendees from the contact base, along with any issues, delays, work in progress, and safety concerns.

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