4 Unexpected Benefits Construction Time Tracking Adds to Your Business


Gone are the days of when construction time tracking was used to just calculate hours for distributing wages to construction crews. Today’s construction and service companies have dropped the excess paper and pen system for modern, advanced time tracking solution software to record more than just hours logged on the job.

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Jonas Construction Software Named Market Leader in the Spring 2020 Construction Management Software Customer Success Report


Jonas Construction Software, a fully-integrated construction & service management software has been named a market leader in the construction management software category for the Spring 2020 Customer Success Report published by FeaturedCustomers.

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Jonas Construction Partners with LCPtracker for a Streamlined Certified Payroll and Compliance Solution


A commonly confused pair of terms in the construction industry are construction management and project management. They are often used interchangeably under the same definition, when in reality, there are major defining differences between the two.

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