Client Case Study

Pyramid Construction Ltd. specializes in heavy construction, general contracting, and land development. Their goal is to continue to be a leader in the construction industry within Newfoundland, while ensuring both their employees and customers are satisfied. With the aim of better integrating the business, reducing reliance on manual processes, as well as improving their ability to make quicker and more informed decisions, Pyramid realized their current system could not meet these needs and decided to make a change. Pyramid leveraged Jonas handle their operations more efficiently, and provide greater insight and visibility into their business.



  • Inventory Tracking System

    Allows you to manage the intricacies associated with maintaining costs, optimal stock levels and effective reporting. Our construction inventory management software keeps track of inventory on hand, minimum and maximum inventory counts, bill of materials, and tracks what you purchase from multiple suppliers.
  • Quick & Easy Searches

    Easily search and locate inventory on hand and determine which pieces of inventory are attached to specific work orders. Also search for price per unit and count remaining. This feature is available from a scanner or mobile device for field technicians.
  • Third-Party Integration

    Our inventory management software provides you with the ability to integrate with third party pricing updating services. This allows you to keep your pricing up to date, without having to manually update your inventory records, which can be quite time consuming.
  • Complete Inventory Management

    Our construction inventory management software handles multi-warehouse, bill of material, serialization, UPC tracking, and supplier history tracking. Easily receive inventory, with the ability to buy in one unit of measure and sell in another.
  • Procurement

    Merge an inventory re-order list based on stocking levels to automatically create purchase orders. When inventory reaches the set minimum amount, stock is automatically ordered based on your threshold level set.

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