Client Case Study

Structural Contracting Services, Inc. is a specialty concrete repair and restoration contractor. Their aim is to ensure that each customer's needs are addressed every step of the way, while maximizing efficiency and minimizing inconvenience. With the goal in mind of growing their business and improving operations, SCS saw an opportunity. They wanted a software solution that could seamlessly integrate all functional areas of the business and streamline operations. SCS leveraged Jonas to handle all aspects of their back-end software needs, providing them with a truly integrated all-in-one solution.

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  • Includes GL, AP, AR, and Fixed Asset Modules

    Accounts Payables: This feature maintains the entire cash flow process and allows you to take control of the accounts payable process.
    Accounts Receivables: The Accounts Receivable module is fully integrated to general ledger, job costing, construction billing and service billing with accurate, real-time reporting and tracking.
    General Ledger: This module maintains all of the information needed to track profitability and make key financial decisions.
  • Granular Reporting & Drill Down

    Our construction accounting software solution offers superior tracking from the job level to your financials, which is integrated directly to the supplier code. From there, you are able to drill down into the financial details with the ability to create consolidated reports for multiple companies. This feature also allows you to easily complete management and financial reporting using our templates.
  • Complete Audit Trails

    With our construction accounting software, you have the ability to look back at the financial transactions and analyze any irregularities that may have been overlooked. Financial information can be summarized in the GL, as well as maintaining an audit trail throughout the process.
  • Security

    Set restrictions on who can access specific information within each area of Jonas. With this feature, you are in control of who is able to post, and configure their access level accordingly. While you can restrict posting for certain employees, the ability to generate reports can be enabled if deemed appropriate.
  • Multi-Company & Multi-Division Accounting

    Using our construction accounting software, easily manage the financials of multiple companies and divisions with automatic inter-company accounting, all within one fully-integrated accounting software solution. Automatic allocations can also be allocated across multiple companies as well.
  • Multiple Accounting Periods Open

    With this functionality, our construction accounting software automatically recognizes revenue or prepaid expenses across multiple GL periods. Also, easily keep your detailed financial information organized and accurate with the ability to create and utilize sub-ledgers.

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