Positioning Construction & Service Management Software Internally

Jan 09, 2017

While Construction & Service Management Software offers many features and functionalities that stand to benefit many businesses, this may not always be apparent to the decision makers and stakeholders within your company. Some individuals might be unsure, while others may be completely unconvinced the investment in Construction & Service Management Software is worthwhile. There is also the fear of change, which usually stems from the mindset that if their system works, there is no reason to change it. The best, and most successful approach is to listen to your team members concerns, determine what is important to them specifically, and understand what possible challenges exist. With a better understanding of what is important to each decision maker, it will then be easier to demonstrate how Construction & Service Management Software can help address their needs and requirements.


Another integral part of selling Construction & Service Management Software internally is managing expectations. While Construction & Service Management Software can provide relatively immediate benefits such as time savings and productivity gains, achieving the highest return on investment takes considerably more time. To attain positive results, the proper process must be followed, whereby all decision makers understand the amount of training, practice, and knowledge required to operate the software system effectively. There also must be a willingness to change, whereby all decision makers and stakeholders are in agreement. By setting expectations from the get go, management will have realistic goals in mind and come into the process with the right frame of mind.


Is an integrated Construction & Service Management Software solution optional? In the 2015 JBKnowledge Construction Technology Report, only about 9.8% of the 2,044 survey respondents stated that they used one construction software application daily at their jobs. There is a perception out there that an integrated Construction & Service Management Software is optional, and do not consider implementing a single software system as a profitable decision. If decision makers are unable to see the value in deploying a Construction & Service Management Software, they are less likely to consider doing so. They may only see the costs associated with putting the software in place, and anticipate average results that are not worth the investment. This is why it is imperative to demonstrate the specific benefits Construction & Service Management Software will provide to the entire organization, which will help to mitigate concerns across the board.


Here are some tips for selling Construction & Service Management Software internally:

  1. Listen to the concerns of the decision makers within your organization and determine what functionalities and processes are important to them.
  2. Gain an understanding of the various challenges that exists for each decision maker and address each concern seriously.
  3. Set realistic expectations and avoid over-promising. This will help to ensure that the software solution does not under-deliver.
  4. Use independent studies, facts, and business case studies to demonstrate how other similar companies are thriving with Construction & Service Management Software.
  5. Gather all concerns, challenges, and difficulties and develop a plan that will meet the requirements of all decision makers within the organization.
  6. Throughout the process, ensure the lines of communication are open and active.


To learn how to better position and sell construction management software to the decision-makers within your business, download our Definitive Guide to Buying Construction & Service Management Software white paper now!

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Posted by joseph darryl on
You provide an excellent information about the Construction management software and its really useful for all.
Construction management software
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